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How Old Do You Start Vape | Joyetech US

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Vaping seems to overcome smoking gradually especially among youngsters due to the charming appearance and pleasant flavors of vapes. If you are one of them, you might be curious about how old you have to be to buy a vape. Yes, there is a legal age to vape or buy vape devices or vape juices.

How old do you have to be to vape

Although vaping is less harmful than smoking, vapes are designed and sold for adults. And that is why we need to set how old to buy a vape and how old to vape. In different countries, the regulations about vaping are various. In almost 40 countries, vaping is banned. In the main market of vapes, the USA for example, the age to buy vape is usually anywhere from 18 to 21. When the buyers arrive at that age, they are considered to be old enough to take responsibility for their own choices.

How old do you have to be to buy a vape in USA?

Is it illegal to own a vape under 21 in the USA? In the past, there is no regulation on at what age can you vape. But the spread of vapes among teenagers shocked most people and then the federal Tobacco 21 law was passed in 2019. After that, selling vaping products to those under 21 will be illegal.

You might wonder at what age can you vape zero-nicotine products such as 0 nicotine e-liquids. Unfortunately, the 0 nicotine e-juice is under the same rule for e-liquids that contain nicotine. Therefore, the legal age to vape 0 nicotine e-juice is still 21.

However, in different states, there might be different regulations. And they are still changing all the time. Even counties may have their own rules. So you might need to check the specific rule of the area you are in. You can vape when you are 21 or older in these states: California, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Virginia. You can buy vape when you are at least 19 in Alabama and Alaska. In other states, the permitted age to buy vape is 18. To purchase vape you must be 19 and at least 18 to possess a vape device in Utah.

What age can you vape globally?

If you are going to travel to or live in other countries with your vapes, it is necessary to know the regulation about vape in this country and the rules about flying with vape. Can you buy vapes at 18 in this country? What age can you vape there? Here is a summary.

The legal age to vape is 19 in Jordan, South Korea, and Turkey. The legal age to vape is 20 in Japan. The legal age to vape is 21 in Ethiopia, Philippines, Honduras, Guam, Niue, and Palau. The legal age to vape is 18 in other places.

Suggestion for 21+ vapers: How to choose the best vapes

If you are within the legal age to vape, then congratulations to you! You can buy vapes and vape legally. The next step for you should be choosing a vape for you, and here is a suggestion.

joyetech us ekee with procore motor vape kit in vape shop

For your first vape device, you’d better opt for a powerful but easy-to-use vape. EKEE with ProCore Motor Vape Kit is one of the best solutions. EKEE with ProCore Motor features an aesthetical design like car key remotes. Furnished with a 1.3inch OLED color screen and a user-friendly interface, Joyetech EKEE features a built-in 2000mAh battery that can fire up to 80W. Joyetech ProCore Motor can produce an intense flavor for both beginners and veterans.

Generally, such an excellent vape device will be expensive. The good news is that you catch the sale for this vape. The original price of this vape is $89.99. It is now 66% off and here is a gift for you - use code: EKEE to save an extra 40% off - only $17.99.

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8 Pros and Cons of Vaping | Joyetech US

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Pros and cons of vaping by joyetech us vape shop

It seems that vaping has swept the whole world among smokers and non-smokers. During these years, we have seen tons of reports telling the cons of vaping. If you want to dig out some benefits of vaping, you cannot miss this article which concludes the pros and cons of vaping you need to know.

Pros of vaping

Help quit smoking

Smoking is bad for your health but it is hard for many people to quit smoking. Considering the health benefits of vaping vs smoking, more people would like to vape rather than smoke. In recent years, many smokers try to vape to quit smoking and many of them succeed. If you are trying to quit smoking, why not try to vape, which is healthier than smoking? And vaping will not stain your teeth. Thus, this can be one of the key positive effects of vaping.

Better smell

Smoking will make yourself and even your clothes smell bad and the best perfume cannot change it. But vaping will help you avoid the embarrassment. Vape e-liquid provides flavors like sweet desert, fresh fruits, or mint. They smell awesome, and save the money for perfume for you.

Bantam offers these overwhelming flavors: Upstate Almond Cream, South Beach Strawberry, Tart Lemon, and more from 30ml to 100ml. You can get Bantam e-liquid with 27% off at Joyetech US vape shop now.

bantam e-juice with various flavors in joyetech us vape store

Various choices

You have uncountable choices for vaping juice flavors, vape kits, and vape disposables, that will bring you different vaping experiences. You can never try all of the vaping products on the market. What’s more, vape brands struggle to create new flavors and provide new flavors for vapers from time to time.

Less cost

Compared with smoking, vaping benefits everyone regarding the cost. The vape kit is not disposable so you can use it for years. Even if you start with disposable vapes, vaping will not cost a lot since most disposable vapes are low-cost.

High-quality but cheap vape suggestion

batpack vape kit with joyetech eco technology

Batpack with Joye ECO D16 Kit - $12.99(67% off) is incredibly simple and convenient to use and now with ECO technology. ECO Tech still provides the best vaping experience but allows the battery to have a very low output. This extends the battery life by almost double.

Control nicotine intake

For good things about vaping, the control for nicotine cannot be dismissed. You have full control of the nicotine you intake via vaping. E-liquid brands offer vape juice from all levels and even 0 nicotine e-liquid. Most vapers will start from a correspondingly high level gradually to low nicotine levels even 0 nicotine e-liquid.

Less secondhand smoke

Some researchers argue that there is no evidence that proves vaping will release secondhand smoke. This might be a vape advantage, whereas you still need to vape in the proper situation.

Cons of vaping

Health risk

Although vaping is safer than smoking, it still has potential dangers. The e-cigarette is created in recent decades, but we do not have enough scientific experiments and researches to completely know everything about vaping and its affects. At least, currently we know vaping will cause itchy throat, dry mouth, cough, and other affects on your body.

vaping is safer than smoking but still has potential dangers

Attract non-smokers

With cool appearance and sweet flavors, vaping attracts plenty of non-smokers and even teens. Many of them are not clear about vaping and get addicted to vaping crazy once they have a try.

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How to Clean Vape Coil and Vape Tank | Joyetech US

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When you get your new vape device, you may be surprised at how advanced it is. 3 months later, you might find the performance of your vape turns gunky. Go straight to replace it with a new vape? Why do some vapers keep their vape workable for years? You do not need to throw your vape in the garbage. They just need to be cleaned. But how to clean a vape?

how to clean vape tank and vape coils by joyetech us vape shop

Why should you clean vape?

On the whole, there are 2 reasons for you to clean vape coil and vape tank regularly. First and foremost, cleaning vape tank and coil is good for your health. When vaping, a great number of bacteria in your saliva will go through the mouthpiece and load at the vape tank and vape coil. That is why it is essential to clean vape pen.

Besides, the buildup of e-juice residue will destroy your vaping experience. Just imagine how awful it is when the flavor of the last vape juice is mixed with the current one. The residue buildup will make the coil and tank dirty and ruins the performance of your advanced vape kit.

When to clean vape coil and tank?

You must be aware of the necessity of cleaning vape tank and coil if you read here. But when should you clean vape coil and tank? It is highly recommended to clean your vape tank and coil each time you change the vape juice, which will effectively prevent the mix of vape juice flavors. You should clean vape tank and coil for at least 2 weeks even if you always use the same flavor.

How to clean a vape?

Here rises the final question - how to clean vape pen? For the vape battery, the main body of your vape kit, you can just swipe the dirt and bacteria outside of your vape body with an antibacterial wipe. And this guide below is how to clean vape tank and vape coil.

How to clean vape tank?

Mostly, a simple rinse will solve your problem and make your vape tank clean and advanced again. You only need to get some warm water and disassemble your tank from your vape device. Use warm water to clean all the tank parts. Dry your vape tank with a clean cloth and leave it alone for a few minutes.

If your tank is too dirty to clean with a simple rinse, you can try to deep clean your vape tank with these helpers: alcohol, lemon juice, baking soda in solution, or vinegar. Prepare one of these helpers, a toothbrush, and a bowl before starting deep cleaning your vape tank. Fill your bowl with warm water and one of them. Pull all of your tank parts into the bowl. Leave it alone for an hour and then use your idle toothbrush to scrub them to remove all the dirty and vape juice residue. Dry the vape tank before you reassemble it.

ProCore Air Plus Atomizer in joyetech us vape store

If you find cleaning cannot change the lack of performance, you still need to change to another one. Look through vape tanks that are even under $10.

How to clean a vape coil?

Different from vape tanks, vape coils are designed to be replaced regularly. The effect of cleaning vape coils will not shock you like that of cleaning vape tank. You can use the method to clean vape tank to clean your vape coil and always remember to dry vape coil before inserting it into your vape.

Joyetech eGo Pod Cartridge (5pcs)

After the cleaning, you still need to replace the vape coil as soon as possible. From Joyetech US vape shop, you can find vape coils at low prices with high performance, so do not worry about the cost!

How Much Do Vapes Cost? 3 Tips to Save | Joyetech US

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how much do vapes cost by joyetech us vape shop?

When you are just stepping into the palace of vaping, the first question appearing in your mind might be how much do vape cost. The vape comes in a wide array of types, brands, and qualities so that you cannot use a number to describe all vapes. However, you can get a general range of costs of vaping below and benefits from the tips we conclude in the end to help save more on vaping.

How much does a vape cost?

Compared with smoking, vaping is more cost-effective. You can find more details in our comparison of vaping vs smoking. That is because you can use your vape device for several years once you purchase one but cigarettes are disposable. How much a vape cost in 2022? Basically, you can buy vape pens from $20 to $50. Pod mods are priced from $15 to $50. Vape mods can be $30 or $100.

Besides, the vape coil is an accessory that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Generally speaking, you replace the coil once a week. Thus, it costs you from $1 to $8 once a week.

What influence the cost of vape

  • Vape battery capacity decides whether you can vape the whole day or you have to charge your vape device frequently. A vape with a higher mAh rating usually has a higher price.
  • Vape design will affect the price of vapes. Some vapes with specific colors are priced higher. Will you buy a vape kit solely for its design?
  • The vape device heats the e-juice via convection or conduction. And convection ones are more costly since you can control the temperature.

Best-selling vape

Joyetech EVIO Solo Pod System Kit has long-term endurance, battery capacity of 1000mAh, and AST Platform that has an irreplaceable position for smart coil protection, high corrosion & oxidation resistance. And it is only $26.99 at Joyetech US vape shop.

joyetech EVIO Solo Pod System Kit

How much does a disposable vape cost?

Different from vape kits, disposable vapes have to be given up once you finish them. But the convenience of disposables exceeds that of other vapes. You do not have to buy vape coils or e-juice. And the charging of vape never bothers you if choosing disposable vapes. So how much does a disposable vape cost? Most disposable vapes cost range from $8 to $25. That depends on how many puffs the disposable has. A 4000 puffs disposable vape cost is usually around $18.

Best-selling disposable vape

Hyde develops some of the most innovative disposable devices and the latest work is Hyde IQ Recharge Pod Juice Disposable Vape, which combines convenience and portability, allowing you to monitor battery life and vape juice capacity.

Hyde IQ Recharge Pod Juice Disposable Vape in joyetech us vape store

How much does vape juice cost?

If you prefer refilled disposables or general vapes, purchasing vape juice is necessary. Mostly, 30ml vape juice is $10-$20; 60ml e-juice is $15-$25.

Best-selling vape juice

As one of the leading vaping juice brands, Pod Juice is pretty known for its nicotine salts. Here we carry 39 flavors of Pod Juice 30ml salts for you.

3 tips to save on vaping

Purchase vape, e-liquid, and accessories during sales of vape stores. For example, from 9/1 to 9/11, Joyetech online vape shop offers 20% off with code - LDAY20 for all the products excludes clearance. You can save a lot applying for this chance!

Joyetech us vape online shop labor day sale

Vaping juice is a constant cost for vapers. Except for buying vape juice during sales, DIYing vape juice by yourself will save a lot for vape pros.

Choose vape kits that have high quality from reliable vape brands such as Joyetech. Then you find they are more durable and will save you a lot!

Can You Take A Vape on A Plane [2022] | Joyetech US

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It will be awesome to travel to a new country or city and experience the local life and culture there. But for vape enthusiasts, travel without vaping will be boring and meaningless. Can you take vapes on a plane? Yes, you can take vapes on planes, but you still need to obey some regulations.

Can you take a vape on a plane?

Can you bring a vape on a plane?

Can you fly with a vape pen? That depends. You can bring your vape in your carry-on bags but you cannot put your vape in your checked bags. What happens if you put a vape in checked luggage? The vape might explore or burn when the air pressure changes during the flight if you put vape in checked luggage. You need to make sure your vape devices are all with you. And you should also prevent accidental activation of the heating parts of your vapes.

Can you bring disposable vapes on an airplane? Like other vape devices, you can bring disposable vapes on planes if you keep them in your pocket or carry-on package. It is forbidden to take disposable vapes in checked bags. Compared with other vapes, disposables are more portable for traveling. Why not bring Nic5 OPUS Disposable 2500 Puffs to travel with you? You will be able to experience even smoother sweet spearmint flavor. This no-hassle device comes with a preloaded 5.5mL pod that never has to be refilled, and the integrated 1000mAh battery requires 0 recharges. Use code - LOVE to get a 38% discount!

FLUM Nic5 OPUS disposable vape pen 2500 puffs in joyetechusa

Can you bring vape juice on plane?

Yes! You can bring vape juice on plane. And you can choose to store them in checked bags or carry-on bags. But it is still put some regulations. You need to make sure the container is no larger than 3.4 oz or 100 ml. Otherwise, you have to keep them in your checked luggage.

If you want to take e-juice on plane, Reds Apple e-juice is a good choice. They offer 30ml and 60 ml, with plenty of flavors such as Guava Iced. Now you can save 23% off with code - REDS4OFF at Joyetech US vape shop.

Reds apple e-juice in joyetechusa vape shop

Can you vape on plane and airport?

You can never vape on plane. If you risk vaping on plane, you will be fined up to $6000 and you might even be jailed. Besides, you cannot charge your vape on a plane. So charge it in advance or do that after you arrive at your destination.

In some airports, you are allowed to vape at some designated smoking areas, whereas you cannot vape in most airports. You should ask for advice from airport staffs to make sure whether you can vape there.

Other tips about vape on plane

  • Always ask related staff or search information from official sites to know specific regulations about flying with vape.
  • You should check the rule of the city, state, or country you are heading to, making sure it is allowed to vape there.
  • If you save e-liquid in tank in your checked bags, the air pressure might make it leak and ruin everything in your bag. So you’d better use a good container and keep it with you.

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last? | Joyetech US

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VAAL rechargeable disposable 1600 puffs vape pen

Different from traditional vape kits, disposable vapes never require vape juice filling and vape device cleaning. It is incredibly easy and convenient to use disposable vapes. Are disposable vapes a perfect choice? A question about disposable vapes is raised frequently - how long do disposable vapes last? This passage will answer these questions for you and also provide suggestions to make disposable last longer.

How long do disposable vapes last - 4 factors

Basically, the lasting time of disposable vapes is influenced by these factors: battery, e-liquid capacity, vaping frequency, and disposable vape type.

Battery of disposables

Among them, the battery of your disposable vape is the major factor. The power from battery is used to heat the vape juice so your disposable vape cannot work if your battery run out. But there are some rechargeable disposables such as Vibez Air Rechargeable Disposable Vape 6000 Puffs, which means you can charge the battery so the lifespan is much longer.

Vibez air rechargeable disposable vape pen

E-liquid capacity of disposables

Another factor for how long does a disposable vape last you is the e-juice capacity, ranging from 2ml to 12ml, of your disposable vape. Disposable vapes containing 2ml are around 400 puffs. And disposable with 400 puffs equals 20 packs of cigarettes. So, how long does 4500 puffs last? Averagely, it lasts around 2-3 weeks.

Vaping frequency

Of course, how often you vape decides how long do disposable vapes last. If you vape frequently, your disposable vape with small capacity may last only 3 days.

Types of disposables

As I told you ahead, some disposable vapes are rechargeable and can be used longer. Disposable vapes include single-fill disposable, refillable disposable, and refillable rechargeable disposable. Single-fill disposable is pre-filled and pre-charged, so it only lasts 1-3 days. Refillable disposables are refillable but not rechargeable. Refillable rechargeable disposables last the longest. They have a powerful battery and a bigger capacity. Therefore, they gain huge popularity among vapers.

How to choose disposable vapes

If you prefer disposables that last longer, you’d better pick out disposables that are refillable and rechargeable, with high-performance battery and larger e-liquid capacity. On the other hand, for those who indulge in the convenience of disposable, why not finish one disposable within 3 days and move to another flavor in an instance? Below are the best disposable vapes of various types.

GeekBar Disposable 575 Puffs

GeekBar disposable vape pen

Powered by a 500mAh high voltage built-in battery, GEEK BAR Disposable device exceeds the battery capacity of the regular disposable devices by 20% which provides longer-lasting vaping time. Each GEEK BAR Disposable pod is pre-filled with 2.4ml e-liquid, and you can experience approximately 575 puffs.

SLAPS Rechargeable Disposable 4500 Puffs

SLAPS rechargeable disposable 4500 puffs vape pen

Offering massive 12ml e-liquid capacity and up to 4,500 puffs, these rechargeable disposables feature 5% nicotine salt content. Packed full of flavor, SLAPS disposables also have adjustable airflow so you can set it up just the way you like.

How to make disposable vape last longer

The answer to how to make disposable vape last longer is to use your disposables properly. Do not turn the temperature too high when vaping since that will make the vape coil break easily. Besides, store your disposables at room temperature. Using rechargeable disposables will also make disposable vapes last longer than pre-charged ones.

[Beginners Guide] How to Vape for the First Time | Joyetech US

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You might probably notice that vaping is rapidly spreading all over the world, especially among youngsters. Similar to Smoking, vaping allows inhaling nicotine. You can see more differences between smoking vs vaping from our previous post. If you are trying to make the step into vaping, a complete beginners guide to vaping is here for you.

How to vape at first time by joyetech usa vape shop

What is vaping?

Vaping is using vaping devices to produce vapor from vape juice. Then you can inhale and enjoy it. Unlike smoking, during the process, you need both vape device and vape juice, which are separate.

What is vape?

Vape is the electronic device to heat e-juice to vapor for us to inhale. It is consist of vape mod, coil, and atomizer. Vape comes in a plethora of categories, including vape pen, pod, mod, and cigalike.

Cigalike is the first generation of e-cigarette, whose shape is just similar to real cigarette. They are easy to use but the refill cartridges are only available in tobacco and menthol.

Vape pen looks like a pen. With replaceable coils, vape pens coils should be changed every a few weeks. Likewise, the design makes vape pen easy to use and quite portable. From Joyetech vape store, you can find the best vape pens.

Pod has bigger size than vape pen and many of them load a screen showing the settings.

Mod has more complicated design and bigger size. It has larger cloud intake and is suitable for low nicotine e-liquid.

What is vape juice?

E-liquid is the indispensable component of your vaping. It is made of a mix of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavoring. Some of them contain nicotine, while others are not. Vape juice brands provide a multitude of various flavors that are close to fruits or desserts.

How to vape?

Vaping is just as simple as breath for any vaping beginners after reading this guide for vaping for beginners.

Step 1. First of all, you need to find yourself the best vape for beginners. A powerful and low-cost vape will be the best choice. Joyetech US EKEE with ProCore Motor uses a flip open top fill system for easy and secure refills. Most importantly, it is 66% off now at Joyetech US official site.

Joyetech us EKEE starter kit

Step 2. Then prepare e-liquid in the flavor you like for vaping. Pod juice is a popular option for many vapers.

Step 3. How to smoke a vape? Basically, you can choose from 3 different methods to inhale: mouth to lung, direct to lung, and mouth only. With mouth to lung method, you should breathe vapor into the mouth, keep it for a while and inhale it into the lung. With direct to lung, you need to breathe a big inhale into the lung and then exhale. With mouth only, you breathe the vapor in your mouth and enjoy the flavor. Then just exhale the vapor. This can be the best answer to how to vape safely.

Tips for vaping beginners

Here are also some items you should avoid and tips you should insist on.

For vaping beginners, you are recommended to choose the mouth-to-lung vaping method, which is more gentle to avoid cough.

Do not inhale shortly and fast. This is quite different from traditional cigarettes. And you even need to stop for a while after around 5 inhales.20% off now!

VAAL 4500 puffs disposable vape pens in joyetech us vape store

You might be confused about how to choose the vape device and e-liquid. You can try disposable vape which does not require preparing e-liquid by yourself. VAAL 4500 Synthetic Rechargeable Disposable can sufficiently vape more than 4500 Puffs with its powerful built-in components and also offers thirteen delicious and rich flavors for you. Grab VAAL 4500 with 20% off now!

Smoking VS Vaping: What Should I Choose? | Joyetech US

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Recently, this question is asked frequently: vaping vs smoking, what should I choose? If you are hesitant about vaping and smoking, just read this post, where we will compare vaping and smoking from the 3 aspects you are concerned about most.

Vaping and smoking, what should you choose?

Health benefits of vaping vs smoking

In general, smoking is more harmful than vaping. When you vape, you inhale nicotine in vapour. During vaping, you do not burn tobacco nor produce thousands of other chemicals including tar or carbon monoxide. These are two of the most dangerous elements for your health when smoking and many of the other chemicals are toxic as well.

Like smoking, Vaping inhales nicotine which is an addictive substance, which is never good for your health whereas you can manage the nicotine level while choosing different e-liquid.

Sensation of vaping vs smoking cigarettes

The feeling of vaping is similar to that of smoking. You will find the taste and throat sensations are pretty similar. That’s why multiple smokers choose to quit smoking via vape. Will vaping really help quit smoking? According to research, vaping is more effective than other methods to quit smoking.

Cost of vaping vs smoking

Is vaping cheaper than smoking? Compared with smoking, vaping costs much less. The initial fee of vaping is higher than smoking. You need to buy vape devices from vape shops. You could choose from these 4 kinds of vape devices.

  • Cig-a-likes $5 - 60
  • Pod Mods $10- 50
  • Vape Pens $15 - 50
  • Vape Mods $35-100

Besides, you also need vape juice, which costs from $10 to $35, depending on the amount and quality. If you vape disposables, it is not necessary to buy vape devices or e-juice. Thus, disposable vapes are pretty suitable for vaping beginners. The cheap disposable vapes are priced at lower than $10 such as GeekBar Pro Disposable and Suorin Air Bar Lux Disposable.

Geekbar pro disposable vape pens in joyetech usa vape store

Nevertheless, in the long run, vaping is more cost-effective than smoking when we compare smoking vs vaping. The vape kit you buy can be used for years. Most of the cost for vaping come from the vape juice you purchase. The average vapers finish about 30-60ml of e-liquid per month. So the year cost of e-juice can be less than $200. The yearly cost of vaping is from $400 to $5000 while smoking costs you from $2000 to $5000 according to research.

Best 3 vapes for beginners

Here we find some cheap vapes with high performance from reliable vape brand. We are sure that they are suitable for most smoking quitters. You can find all of them from Joyetech US online vape shop.

WideWick Pod System Kit

Joyetech widewick pod system in joyetech usa vape shop

WideWick pod kit is the first pod kit to adopt the WideWickTM technology. The advantage of WideWickTM technology is making the e-liquid intake thoroughly from all rounds, heating more evenly without spit-back, and no dry heats. Two airflow inlets allow you to enjoy true MTL vaping.

EVIO Box Pod Kit

EVIO box pod vape kit in joyetech us vape shop

EVIO BOX is a pod system kit that adopts AST technology. It is built in a 1000mah battery, and the e-juice capacity is 2ml. Its design is pretty cute, and you can hold it very well. You can choose the vaping modes by the fire button, there are three vaping modes for you: High, Medium, and Low.

eGo AIO Mansion Kit

Joyetech ego aio mansion vape kit in joyetech usa vape shop

Having the classic all-in-one style, the eGo AIO Mansion works like a perfect and compact pod vape with an anti-leaking structure. Powered by a 1300mAh built-in battery, it comes with 7 changeable indicator tank lights. Due to the recent sale, you can get a free eGo AIO Mansion Kit for order over $60 at the Joyetech US shop.

Full Guide to Vaping E-liquid in 2022 | Joyetech US

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If you just decide to give vaping a try or switch from smoking to vaping, you might feel confused about the e-liquid, which is an essential part of your vaping experience. What is e-liquid? Do I have to buy e-liquid for vaping? Now let me lead you to the vaping palace and introduce the most important items about e-liquids.

guide to vaping e-liquid in joyetechus

What is E-liquid?

  • E-liquid is also called e-juice, vape juice, vaping liquid, or e-cig juice. All vapes need e-liquid to function. It is comprised of 3 or 4 ingredients: Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavouring, and nicotine(some e-juices do not have nicotine).

Is vaping e-liquid safe?

Vaping e-juice is safer than smoking according to the American Heart Association (AHA). Secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, and some of them are bad for your health as well as that of people around you. Vaping e-juice will avoid secondhand smoke and its harm.

However, some vaping e-liquids contain nicotine. Some vape stores like Eleaf or Joyetech will note e-juice nicotine levels so customers can figure them out. E-liquid may include nicotine from less than 1% to 5%. If you do not like it, just pick out those 0 nicotine e-liquids.

Does vape juice expire?

Vape juice may expire, but they are difficult to expire. Even if e-liquid changes its color, it may not go bad. To save your vape juice for a longer time, you should try to prevent your e-juice from heat, sunlight, and oxygen. Store them in a dry and cool cupboard and avoid buying too many before you run out of them.

Which e-liquid should you choose?

Except for the e-liquid nicotine level, here are some factors you should take into consideration when choosing e-liquid.


Vape juice comes in a plethora of flavors, which is one of the key factors vapers care about. Best e-liquid brands such as Sadboy e-liquid or Naked e-juice offer a great many flavors that will perfectly meet your need. Here are some Naked e juice flavors: Ice White Guava, Ice Peach Mango, Ice Pineapple, Lava Flow, American Patriots, and so on.


You can mainly see 4 kinds of bottle sizes for e-liquids: 10ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml. It is highly recommended to choose the middle 2 kinds. Usually, a 30ml vape juice costs less than $20 and a 60ml vape juice costs less than $30.

You might be looking for cheap e-liquids of high quality. Read ahead to find out the best e-liquids online.

Best e-liquid you can buy online

Buying vape online is the most suggested way to get your e-juice or vape especially when you are a beginner at vaping. Purchase e-liquids from leading vape stores like Joyetech and you will get service and high-quality products.

Naked 100 e-juice

Naked 100 e-juice in joyetechus vape shop

As one of the best e-liquid brands, Naked 100 e-juice comes with fruit-based flavors. Providing first-rate e-juice, Naked 100 can be purchased with $15.99 at Joyetech US now.

Sadboy e-liquid

Sadboy e-liquid in joyetechus vape shop

Sadboy vape juices are crafted with only premium quality ingredients so that you will find they are worth the price. It offers flavors including Butter Cookie, Custard Cookie, Blueberry Jam, Strawnola, Strawberry Jam, and so on. Now Sadboy vape juice 100ml is 19% off and 30ml is 16% off.

Bantam e-juice

Bantam e-juice in joyetechus vape store

Bantam is an e-liquid brand from North Carolina. Their favors are built by chemists who perfect the flavors for years. The flavors range from beverages, cereals, desserts, menthols, to sweets. This outstanding e-liquid is only $12.99 now.

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Disposable Vapes | Joyetech US

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If you love vapes, you will notice that disposable vapes go viral these years. Why are disposable vapes tremendously popular among vapers? If you are looking for the reasons for the popularity of disposable vapes. You can look into this post for the key advantages and disadvantages of disposable vapes.

Easy to Use

Suorin Air Bar Max Disposable 2000 Puffs Vapes

A disposable vape is a single-use e-cigarette, which has a simple structure. Disposable vapes have an integrated atomizer, battery, and LED light indicator. They are pre-filled with vape juice and come with a full-charged battery so that you do not need to buy e-liquid or charge your disposable vape. You will not find complicated structures or misleading buttons on disposable vapes. Disposables like Suorin Air are the best for vaping newbies. Suorin Air Bar Max Disposable 2000 Puffs is filled with 6.5ml of salt nic e-liquid and allows users a simple yet elegant vaping experience.


Are disposable vapes safe? When you are new to disposable vapes, safety is something you care about. Indeed, disposable vapes are safer than cigarettes. The e-juice of disposable is consist of inorganic and natural herbs. You are protected from ash, combustion, and fumes when you enjoy disposables. You can even adjust the nicotine taken in. All of these make it safe for you to enjoy your disposables.


Compared with mod vapes, disposables vapes are more affordable. To get a powerful vape mod, you need to pay around $100 and you have to buy e-liquids for filling. But if choosing disposable vapes, you can buy disposable vapes online for even $8.99 from disposable vapes brands. Here are some powerful but cheap disposable vapes: VAAL 1500 Disposable($8.99), GeekBar Disposable($9.99), and I Have Disposable($11.99).

VAAL 1500 Puffs Disposable Vape in Joyetech USA


Can you take disposable vapes on an airplane? The answer is yes. If you are looking for a vape that is portable for going out and traveling, the light, sleek, slim, and compact disposable vape is something easy to carry to any place.

Short Lifespan

Flum Disposable 6000 Puffs Vape in Joyetech USA Vape Shop

Additional Tip

Joyetech US offers different types of disposable vapes from various disposable vapes brands at cost-efficient prices. Choose the best disposable vapes 2022 with your desired flavor so you can experiment with your delicious inhales.