WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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eCom-C Single Pack (650mAh) 510 threading

  • eCom-C Single Pack eCom-C Single Pack
  • eCom-C Single Pack eCom-C Single Pack

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eCom-C 650mAh 510 Title

eCom-C 650mAh 510 Single The eCom-C expands upon the eCom's basic features, while also adding new ones. The eCom-C e cigarette comes in seven different colors and uses a changeable C2 atomizer head, which delivers only the finest vaping experience.

eCom-C 650mAh 510 Multi

eCom-C 650mAh 510 Box

Single Pack includes:

2x Mouthpiece
2x Atomizer C2 Head
1x Manual & Warranty Card
2x Mouthpiece Cover
1x Base
1x USB Cable
1x Atomizer Tube
1x eCom-C Twist 650mAh


eCom-C features a smooth metallic finish with seven color options:
black, pink, red, purple, blue, silver, and white.

eCom-C 650mAh 510 Colors


For further compatibility, the eCom-C comes with 510 threading.
eCom-C 650mAh 510 Compatibility

<eCom-C 650mAh 510 Competitive Competitive

The blend of elegance and ergonomic design makes the competition obsolete.

eeCom-C 650mAh 510 Competitive Colors

Type A Atomizer

The type A Atomizer comes with a changeable atomizer C2 head that delivers high voltage, high output, and a heavy vapor flow. You may judge when the device needs to be refilled by observing the e liquid levels in the transparent e liquid window.

Diameter: 14mm
Length: 79.6mm
Capacity: 1.5ml
eCom-C 650mAh 510 Type A Atomizer

eCom-C 650mAh 510 Atomizer C2 Head Atomizer C2 Head

The eCom-C uses a changeable C2 atomizer head that is capable of working under high voltages. This will ensure a satisfying vapor flow every time.

eCom-C 650mAh 510 Atomizer C2 Head Wattage

E Liquid Filling

To fill your e cigarette, turn the atomizer upside-down, unscrew base, and refill the e liquid along the tube.
eCom-C 650mAh 510 Liquid Filling

eCom-C 650mAh 510 Twist eCom-C Twist

You may adjust the eCom-C Twist's wattage (5.1W-10.0W) depending on your preference. The device comes with a built in battery charge indicator, and short circuit protection that will ensure your atomizers are functioning properly.

Diameter: 14mm
Length (510): 104.5mm
Battery capacity: 650mAh
VW mode (5.1W-10.0W): The eCom-C's wattage output can be adjusted by rotating the ring clockwise or counterclockwise. With a higher wattage, the vapor flow will be heavier, and the taste richer. eCom-C 650mAh 510 VW Mode

Low Battery Warning:

When the device has low battery, the light will flash 40 times before automatically shutting off.

Battery Indicator:

While pressing the button, if the remaining power is 60% or above, the light will stay on, and when it's lower than 60%, the light will flash continuously. The less power remains, the faster the light will flash. When the power is within 30%-59%, the light will flash slowly; within 10%-29%, the light will flash at normal speed; within 0%-9%, the light will flash at high frequency.

eCom-C Battery eCom-C Battery
eCom-C Battery eCom-C Battery


To charge the eCom-C, connect the device to a computer or power adapter. When plugged into a power source, the light will keep blinking while it charges. Once it is fully charged the light will remain on without blinking.

eCom-C 650mAh 510 Charging

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