eGo-CC Smart Kits (1000mAh)

eGo-CC Smart Kits (1000mAh)

Brand: Joyetech
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eGo-CC Smart Kits (1000mAh)

Kit Includes:
*2 × eGo-CC Mouthpiece
*2 × eGo-CC Atomizer Head
*1 × eGo-CC Body
*1 × eGo Series Battery(1000mah)
*1 × USB Cable Charger
*1 × Wall Adapter
ego-CC Changeable Clearomizer e Cigarette with Atomizer and Clear E Liquid Window
The eGo-CC is equipped with a clearomizer, a see-through liquid window, and it’s leak-proof due to its upper air inlet system. The atomizer head is changeable, just like with the classic eGo-C. It is compatible with all eGo series batteries.
Transparent liquid window
The eGo-CC gets its name from the"changeable" atomizer head and "clear" liquid window. You will always know when its time to refill because the window lets you see how much liquid is left.
ego-CC Changeable Clearomizer e Cigarette Clear E Liquid Window
ego-CC Changeable Clearomizer electronic cigarette Color Options
ego-CC Changeable Clearomizer E Cig Sizing Comparison
Compatible with all eGo series batteries

You can choose from a variety of different battery options and capacities from the eGo series. They are safe and designed with state-of-the-art technology, including short circuit protection, over-charge/discharge protection.
ego-CC Changeable Clearomizer E Cig Seamless Construction
The surface of eGo-CC is smooth and integrates the liquid window with seamless connection.
ego-CC Changeable Clearomizer E Cigarette Assembly Instructional Diagram
Changeable Atomizer Head

The eGo-CC changeable atomizer head is equipped with an inner ceramic base that makes it produce a better vapor. It’s economical, practical, and easy to replace.
ego-CC Changeable Clearomizer E Cigarette Air Intake

The upper air inletting system of eGo-CC’s atomizer makes it leak-proof.
ego-CC Changeable Clearomizer E Cigarette Atomizer Installation and  Refilling E Liquid Diagram

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